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Accurately simulate the full spectrum of coastal and marine processes to support planning and design with the most intuitive 2D and 3D modelling software

Why choose MIKE 21/3?

To efficiently transform model results into sustainable engineering solutions, rely on the leading coast and sea modelling software, MIKE 21/3. No other 2D modelling package has been used for as many coastal and marine engineering projects around the world as MIKE 21. MIKE 3 builds on the same solid technology as MIKE 21 yet allows you to expand your modelling capabilities to include 3D free surface flows and associated sediment or water quality processes.

Assess any coast and sea concern

Hydrodynamics, waves, sediments, water quality and ship movements - you can model it all. No other modelling suite comes close to this range of application.

Create exactly the model you need

Pick and choose from a selection of specialised modules to create a custom modelling framework. Tackle the most complex studies by coupling MIKE 21/3 with other MIKE software.

Produce high quality work in less time

Boost productivity with easy access to data and a wealth of first class modelling tools. Run faster simulations with advanced parallelisation techniques for multi-core and GPU modelling.

Have full confidence in your model results

When accuracy matters most, count on MIKE. Trust your modelling results to the premiere, science-based software platform developed by professionals, for professionals.

Get started with these integrated core modules

Advanced data processing and visualisation tools come standard with MIKE 21/3. Start building models today with our software’s integrated hydrodynamic and water quality capabilities.
Transform raw data into an understandable format

Preprocessing & Postprocessing

Begin your data visualisation journey with access to an integrated work environment and compatible routines to ease data input, analyses and presentation of results.

    • Generate boundary conditions quickly and easily
    • Create and edit 2D/3D grids and detailed digital meshes
    • Convert wave spectra data into model format
    • Animate results in Google Earth
    • Create amazing 3D video presentations
    • Enhance your models with detailed digital bathymetries
    • Boost productivity with sensitivity analysis and auto-calibration features
Model hydrodynamic processes in 2D and 3D


Calculate water levels and 2D/3D current fields with the integrated Hydrodynamic module as the basis for computations of processes performed in other MIKE 21/3 modules.

    • Simulate unsteady flow taking into account density variations, bathymetry, sources and external forcing
    • Conduct flooding simulations when used as a stand-alone application
    • Assess hydrographic conditions in stratified and non-stratified waters
    • Seamlessly represent storm surge caused by wind and pressure
    • Use in combination with other MIKE 21/3 modules to study discharges, water quality and erosion
Perform robust water quality modelling


To support water quality studies, the Advection-Dispersion module allows you to simulate the spreading and fate of dissolved or suspended substances.

    • Describe the continuity, momentum, temperature, salinity and density of substances subject to linear decay and heat dissipation
    • Analyse connected source-sink dynamics to better understand variations in habitat quality as well as potential for recirculation
    • Integrate with MIKE ECO Lab to model tracers, coliform bacteria and xenobiotic compounds
    • Perform flushing studies, tracer simulations and water quality studies

Next, choose from a selection of specialised modules

The modular structure of MIKE Powered by DHI software offers the most advanced functionality with maximum flexibility. Pick and choose which applications are best suited for the nature of your work and intended outcome. Alternatively, select from one of our pre-bundled software subscriptions for the greatest value.

Ecological & water quality modelling

Agent-based modelling
Simulate the dynamic behaviour of aquatic life & their interactions with the environment
Ecological modelling
Investigate water quality concerns and their potential environmental impact
2D/3D particle transport modelling
Understand and quantify environmental impacts in your system
2D/3D oil spill modelling
Quantify and visualise the risks and potential impact of an oil spill on the environment

Sediment transport & morphological modelling

Littoral processes & coastline kinetics
Simulate the evolution of coastlines affected by structures and sedimentation
2D/3D mud transport modelling
Study the impact of siltation on coastal morphology and water quality
2D morphological modelling
Model long-term shoreline evolution in areas with complex bathymetries
2D/3D sand transport modelling
Assess the potential impact of erosion and sedimentation on infrastructure

Wave modelling & dynamic mooring analysis

2D wave modelling
Analyse wave disturbances in ports, harbours and coastal areas
3D phase resolving wave modelling
Study the impact of a wave climate on offshore, coastal or port infrastructure
2D dynamic mooring analysis
Assess the dynamic effects of wind, currents and waves on moored vessels
2D spectral wind-wave modelling
Predict and analyse wave climates in offshore and coastal areas

No in-house modellers?

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Watch how easy it is to create and run a MIKE 21 HD model

Additional capabilities & unique features

MIKE 21/3 software offers a seemingly endless range of application possibilities and is typically used to support coastal engineering and studies related to harbours or similar structures as well as environmental applications including dispersion, oil spill, eutrophication and modelling of living organisms.

            • Assess hydrographic conditions to support the design, construction and operation of structures and plants in stratified waters
            • Optimise port layouts and coastal protection measures
            • Analyse and optimise cooling water recirculation and desalination plants
            • Complete an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of marine infrastructures
            • Perform ecological modelling including the optimisation of aquaculture systems
            • Optimise renewable energy systems
            • Support coastal and marine restoration projects
            • Forecast water conditions to improve the safety of marine operations and navigation
            • Produce coastal flooding and storm surge warnings
            • Optimise coastal, thermal or wastewater disposal outlets
            • Understand lake hydrodynamics and ecology
            • Model coastal, riverine or overland flooding
            • Perform coastal and oceanographic circulation studies including fine sediment dynamics

You can now access MIKE 21/3 on Azure Marketplace, where you can start modelling in the cloud with no hardware limitation in four simple steps. Tell me more

MIKE 21/3 Coupled Model FM is a truly dynamic modelling system for analysing problems where flow and transport phenomena are important with emphasis on river, coastal and marine applications and where the flexibility inherited in the unstructured meshes can be utilized. MIKE 21/3 Coupled Model FM can be used for investigating the morphological evolution of the nearshore bathymetry due to the impact of engineering works (coastal structures, dredging works etc.). The engineering works may include breakwaters (surface-piercing and submerged), groins, shoreface nourishment, harbours etc. Explore all capabilities

The main features of MIKE 21/3 Coupled Model FM include:

        • Dynamic coupling of waves and currents
        • Fully feedback of bed level changes on waves and currents
        • Easy switch between 2D and 3D calculations (hydrodynamic module and process modules)
        • Optimal degree of flexibility in describing bathymetry and ambient flow and wave conditions using depth-adaptive and boundary-fitted unstructured mesh

Set up simulations, perform pre- and post-processing analysis, and present and visualise results within a project oriented environment with MIKE Zero, our fully Windows integrated graphical user interface embedded in MIKE 21/3 software. With MIKE Zero, you can better control and organise information for nearly all kinds of engineering studies including model simulations. Streamline your work with access to an array of informative, intuitive and helpful features. Find out more

MIKE 21/3 takes advantage of the efficient parallelisation techniques for the use of multiple cores and GPUs. Special techniques have also been developed to enhance calculation speed within the morphological modelling. Discover how

Regardless of how well you undertake your modelling work, clear communication of results is crucial to its value and recognition. With MIKE 21/3, you can:

        • Create time series, line series and 2D/3D data plots
        • Display flexible mesh model data with ease
        • Visualise cross-sections, individual particles and tracks
        • Enhance your models with detailed digital bathymetries
        • Animate gridded and unstructured results in Google Earth
        • Create realistic 3D scenes, including buildings, ships or other solids, visualise waves in 3D, produce professional fly-through animations and more with MIKE Animator Plus – included in all subscription packages.

Take advantage of the built-in Mesh Generator Tool to more efficiently generate and handle unstructured meshes. Automatically create high quality boundary conditions in a matter of minutes using the advanced Boundary Conditions Generator – a free premium feature for SMA customers.

With MIKE 21/3, you can model the effect of structures using a subgrid technique (the flow past a structure is modelled by considering the upstream and downstream water level). Include six different types of structures in your simulations:

        • Weirs
        • Culverts
        • Dikes
        • Gates
        • Piers
        • Turbines

        Furthermore, you have the option to include composite structures by combining a weir and one or more culverts.

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