The power behind your best MIKE models

Creating and effectively presenting the results from a water model can be complicated. Many of our software platforms are backed by MIKE Zero, DHI's fully integrated graphical user interface designed to make modelling easier. Packed with informative, intuitive and helpful features, MIKE Zero helps you get more out of your MIKE models in less time .

Check out how MIKE Zero helps

Wave propagation animation of a ship entering Kirkwall Marina in the Orkney Islands using MIKE Animator Plus

Streamline data processing work

        • Access an extensive array of tools designed for pre- and post processing data
      • Perform automatic calibration, parameter optimisation, sensitivity analysis and scenario management
      • Create, edit and present detailed digital bathymetries
      • Generate future climate change scenarios and consider the effect of climate change on sea level
      • Create new 2D and 3D grids or edit existing ones
      • Create detailed digital mesh for use in the MIKE Zero flexible mesh (FM) models
      • Create cross-shore and pier resistance profile series
      • Assess the performance of your models by comparing numerical outputs to local measurements
      • Create new time series or edit data in an existing one using built-in templates
      • Perform detailed wave analysis of time series data from physical model tests, numerical simulations or field measurements

Wave propagation animation of a ship entering Kirkwall Marina in the Orkney Islands using MIKE Animator Plus

Bring your data to life

      • Create various types of plots based on time series data, line series data and 2D/3D data
      • Easily display data from MIKE Zero flexible mesh models
      • Visualise cross-sections, individual particles and particle tracks
      • Access a digital video production studio which enables you to turn MIKE 21, MIKE 3, MIKE FLOOD and MIKE SHE model results into amazing 3D video presentations
      • Display and animate dfs2 and dfsu data files in Google Earth

Wave propagation animation of a ship entering Kirkwall Marina in the Orkney Islands using MIKE Animator Plus

Integrate MIKE API into your own development projects

        • Directly access native file formatsand functionality in APIs from .NET
        • Create, read and edit dfs0, dfs1, dfs2, dfs3 and dfsu file formats
        • Read, edit and write files in the DHI PFS format
        • Generate and style bitmaps from a range of dfs and mesh file formats
        • Programmatically create or modify a setup and interact with the MIKE 1D engine via an extensive API based on user defined codes
        • Modify a setup e.g. add or remove catchments, branches/links, manholes, structures and controls
        • Extract and customise results from the engine while running
        • Include user defined implementations of structures, catchments or boundaries
        • Set up a user defined real-time control strategy
        • Integrate with online systems, censors or databases
        • Access code examples through DHI’s GitHub account, an open source online repository

Wave propagation animation of a ship entering Kirkwall Marina in the Orkney Islands using MIKE Animator Plus

Manage access to your MIKE software

        • Manage licenses via the DHI License Management System
        • View the modules and number of seats your organization has available
        • Install licenses on a corporate server, users local workstation or on a DHI server
        • Access three deployment modes: Network mode, Local mode and Internet mode

MIKE Zero’s comprehensive, integrated Online Help System

Rest assured, you’re never working alone

      • Rely on MIKE Zero’s integrated Online Help System
      • Access descriptive information on each of the editors, dialogs and property pages
      • Learn how to operate a specific dialog
      • Better understand the parameters present on a specific page

Streamline data processing work

Get your models set up more efficiently with data editing tools

  • Efficiently process data with pre- and post processing tools
  • Access built-in templates to create and edit time series data
  • Infuse your models with detailed digital bathymetries and cross-shore and pier resistance profile series
  • Consider the effect of climate changes on sea level by generating climate change scenarios
  • Create and edit 2D and 3D grids and detailed digital mesh for use in MIKE Zero Flexible Mesh (FM) models
  • Assess model performance by comparing numerical outputs to local measurements
  • Perform detailed wave analysis of time series data from physical model tests, simulations or field measurements
  • Boost productivity with automatic calibration and parameter optimisation tools

Tap into the power of MIKE Zero with these products

Agent-based modelling


Simulate the dynamic behavior and environmental interactions of aquatic life

Learn more

2D wave modelling

Boussinesq Waves

Analyse wave disturbances in ports, harbours and coastal areas

Learn more

3D phase resolving model

MIKE 3 Wave FM

Analyse the impact of a wave climate on offshore, coastal or port infrastructure

Learn more

Ecological modelling


Investigate water quality concerns and their potential ecological impact

Learn more

River network modelling


Perform comprehensive, fully dynamic river network modelling

Learn more

Integrated hydrological modelling


Analyse groundwater, surface water, recharge and evapotranspiration processes

Learn more

Urban, coastal and riverine flooding


Perform integrated flood modelling including dynamic interactions

Learn more

2D dynamic mooring analysis

Mooring Analysis

Assess the dynamic effects of wind, currents and waves on moored vessels

Learn more

2D/3D mud transport modelling

Mud Transport

Study the impact of siltation on coastal morphology and water quality

Learn more

2D/3D oil spill modelling

Oil Spill

Quantify and visualise the risks and potential impact of an oil spill on the environment

Learn more

2D/3D particle transport modelling

Particle Tracking

Assess the potential impact of dredging, disposal and reclamation activities

Learn more

2D/3D sediment transport modelling

Sand Transport

Analyse the effects of sedimentation on coastal and estuarine infrastructure

Learn more

2D morphological modelling

Shoreline Morphology

Model complex sediment transport processes and shoreline morphology

Learn more

2D spectral wind-wave modelling

Spectral Waves

Predict and analyse wave climates in offshore and coastal areas

Learn more

2D/3D transport modelling


Model the spreading and fate of tracers, coliform bacteria and xenobiotic compounds

Learn more

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