The power behind your MIKE models

Creating and presenting the results from a water model can be difficult. To make modelling easier, many of our modelling products are built in the MIKE Zero framework - DHI's fully integrated graphical user interface. Packed with informative, intuitive and helpful features, MIKE Zero helps you get more out of your MIKE models in less time.

Check out how MIKE Zero helps

Streamline model set up and data processing

Work efficiently with high quality editing tools.
    • Create and edit 2D/3D grids and detailed digital meshes
    • Process 1D, 2D and 3D time series with pre- and post-processing tools
    • Access built-in templates to create and edit time series data
    • Enhance your models with detailed digital bathymetries
    • Generate climate change scenarios
    • Boost productivity with sensitivity analysis and auto-calibration
    • Perform detailed wave analysis
Easily edit the 1D-2D coupling in a flexible mesh flood model
Play Video
Watch this wave animation created in MIKE Animator Plus of Concha Bay in the coastal town of San Sebastián, Spain

Bring your data to life

Communicate model results with MIKE Zero visualisation tools.
    • Create time series, line series and 2D/3D data plots
    • Display flexible mesh model data with ease
    • Visualise cross-sections, individual particles and tracks
    • Animate gridded and unstructured results in Google Earth
    • Turn results into amazing 3D video presentations

Integrate MIKE into your water management operations

Customise your projects with our documented Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).
    • Interact with the MIKE 1D engine via an API
    • Use FEFLOW’s ifm framework to interact with groundwater models
    • Set up custom real-time control strategies
    • Integrate your model with online systems, sensors or databases
    • Include user defined structures, catchments or boundaries
    • Access native file formats and API functionality from .NET
    • Discover, use and modify code examples in GitHub
    • Access and interact with models via Python, Matlab and Jupyter Notebooks
Create a custom operational system using APIs

Work on your model anywhere with a MIKE Zero internet license

Access and manage your software with ease

Have full control of your MIKE software with flexible licensing and transparent license management.
    • Manage your licenses via the dedicated DHI License Management System
    • View and track all licenses and number of seats available
    • Install licenses on a corporate server, your local workstation or on a DHI server
    • Deploy licenses locally, via your network, or over the internet
    • Work off-line by checking out internet licenses

Ensure success with training and support

Rest assured, with MIKE Zero you’re never working alone.

Our Client Care team is ready to help by providing technical assistance, installation support, product updates and license deployment

Tap into the power of MIKE Zero with these products

2D modelling of coast and sea


Simulate physical, chemical and biological processes in coastal or marine areas
3D modelling of coast and sea


Model 3D free surface flows and associated sediment or water quality processes
Littoral processes & coastline kinetics


Simulate the evolution of coastlines affected by structures and sedimentation
2D sediment transport & morphology


Simulate river bed and channel plan form development caused by hydraulic regime changes
River network modelling


Perform comprehensive, fully dynamic river network modelling
Flood modelling


Perform integrated flood modelling including dynamic interactions
Integrated hydrological modelling


Analyse groundwater, surface water, recharge and evapotranspiration processes
Water resources modelling


Perform integrated water resources analysis, planning & management of river basins
2D wave modelling

Boussinesq Waves

Analyse wave disturbances in ports, harbours and coastal areas
2D spectral wind-wave modelling

Spectral Waves

Predict and analyse wave climates in offshore and coastal areas
3D phase resolving model

MIKE 3 Wave FM

Analyse the impact of a wave climate on offshore, coastal or port infrastructure
2D dynamic mooring analysis

Mooring Analysis

Assess the dynamic effects of wind, currents and waves on moored vessels

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