Better predict the power of wind-waves

Calculate and analyse wave climates in offshore and coastal areas to more accurately assess its impact on valuable assets using this proven spectral wind-wave model.

Why MIKE 21 Spectral Waves?

Model wave-current interaction and time varying water depth

Couple MIKE 21 Spectral Waves (SW) with MIKE Hydrodynamic (HD) and process engines to model wave-current interaction and time varying water depth for enhanced optimisation. With this dynamic duo, users can also calculate sediment transport determined by wave conditions and currents.



Perform simultaneous wave predictions and analysis

MIKE 21 SW is particularly applicable for simultaneous wave prediction and analysis on regional scale and local scale. Coarse spatial and temporal resolution is used for the regional part of the mesh and a high-resolution boundary and depth adaptive mesh is used to describe the shallow water environment at the coastline.

Includes all main physical phenomena for more comprehensive analyses

MIKE 21 SW is the go to software for addressing problems where a quantitative knowledge of wave conditions is important. It offers the most comprehensive modelling capabilities by accounting for all main physical phenomena. This includes breaking, wind, directional spreading, bottom friction, partial reflection, wave-wave interaction, white-capping, dissipation, refraction and shoaling.


MIKE 21 Spectral Waves supports your work in these segments

Offshore Energy

Calculate multi-year wave hindcast to establish solid environmental design criteria and operational conditions. 

Coastal Infrastructures

Transform offshore wave climates to coastal regions for design, impact assessment and migration

Coastal Resilience

Determine present and future wave climates’ effects on erosion and coastal flooding by combining other tools seamlessly. 

Port Planning & Design

Establish wave conditions adjacent to ports and terminal for input to wave agitation and dynamic ship mooring modelling and design for breakwaters. 

Environmental Impact

Include wave fields to more accurately assess its impact on environmental processes controlling e.g. sediment spill concentration. 

Operational Forecast

Predict tomorrow’s wave conditions in any waters where accurate meteorological forecast data is available. 

No in-house modellers?

As trusted advisors and technical experts, DHI provides comprehensive modelling and consulting services to provide clients with a one-stop solution for the careful analysis of wave climates.

Additional capabilities & unique features

This can be accomplished using either a constant threshold frequency or a dynamic threshold frequency with an upper frequency limit.

The software features an efficient MIKE Zero tool to support the generation and handling of unstructured meshes including the definition and editing of boundaries.

The Data Viewer is an efficient tool for the analysis and visualisation of unstructured data including processing of animations. A user can view meshes, spectra, bathymetries, results files of different format with graphical extraction of time series and line series from plan view and import of graphical overlays.

MIKE 21 SW provides an optimal degree of flexibility in describing bathymetry and ambient flow conditions through the use of both depth-adaptive and boundary-fitted unstructured mesh.

MIKE 21 SW includes an extensive range of model output parameters including wave, swell, air-sea interaction parameters, radiation stress tensor and spectra.

MIKE 21 Spectral Waves is based on a flexible mesh, multiple core optimized run engine (Linux compilation also available).

The fully spectral formulation (FS) can be used in wave studies involving wave growth, decay and transformation of wind-generated waves and swell in offshore and coastal areas. The computationally less demanding directionally decoupled parametric formulation (DS) can be used for small scale wave transformation applications, those where fully developed seas are dominating.

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