The Do-It-All Flood Modelling Tool

Model any flooding concern, analyse scenarios, and test mitigation measures with MIKE FLOOD's unique ability to couple collection systems, rivers, and overland flow areas.


Gain a complete understanding of all flooding sources and impacts

MIKE FLOOD uniquely integrates floodplains, streets, rivers, coastal areas, and sewer/stormwater systems into one package. This enables users to simulate any cause of flooding – heavy rainfall, insufficient flow capacity of storm water inlets or drainage networks to the overtopping of rivers or coastal flood defences.

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Watch this simulation of a 100-year flood event including flow in the river channel and flooding in the urban areas

Perform advanced, three-way coupling for the highest flexibility

With MIKE FLOOD, you have access to the core elements from our well-proven models in one tool – MIKE HYDRO River for rivers, MIKE+ for collection systems and MIKE 21 for 2D surface flow. Run a MIKE FLOOD model with only one component or all three – the choice is up to you.

Conduct environmental flood impact assessments

Analyse flood related environmental impacts such as… with MIKE FLOOD’s dynamically coupled water quality and pollutant transport options – standard in all engine components.

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Accurately represent buildings, roads, and hydraulic structures

Visualise the complexity of flow and rain in an urban environment with the ability to make detailed representations of buildings and roads. You can also model weirs, dikes, culverts, and operational structures such as gates and levees in both 1D and 2D.

MIKE FLOOD supports all facets of flooding prevention and mitigation

Water Utilities

Conduct comprehensive urban drainage studies.

City Planners

Prepare climate change flood risk impact assessments.

Flood Risk Management

Support mitigation, contingency planning, and build real-time flood forecasting systems.


Conduct risk analyses and hazard mapping for industrial, residential, and cultural heritage areas.

River Engineering &
Flood Control

Analyse the potential flooding impact from dam break or levee breach failures.

Reservoir Operation & Hydropower

Optimise reservoir operations for improved hydropower production and flood and drought protection.

Watershed Management

Support land use changes and climate change scenario planning with flood alleviation design studies and runoff impact assessments.

No in-house modellers?

Get our expert modellers on board for your consulting projects either as a partner, to provide extended user support, or for model and project reviews. Submit an inquiry

The insight from MIKE FLOOD has helped protect so many communities


Featured software subscription package


Get all the applications you need for basic integrated 1D/2D flood modelling and risk assessment including various MIKE FLOOD modules in one package!

Additional capabilities & unique features

From a single parking lot to regional model – MIKE FLOOD has you covered. Applications range from classical flood extent and risk mapping to environmental impact assessments of severe flood events.

Address all aspects of coastal impacts of storm surge and wave induced inundation when combined with one of our wave models (MIKE 21 Spectral Waves or MIKE 21 Boussinesq Waves). Perform more accurate coastal flood risk assessments – whether they relate to flooding of coastal cities and infrastructures, or to inundation of reclaimed or low-lying areas.

With MIKE FLOOD, you can investigate the effects of coastal protection, such as dikes, polders and tidal gates, or other operational structures in delta areas.

Generate flood maps and perform risk and hazard analysis of flood incidents from extreme upstream inflows as well as local high intensity rainfall in surrounding catchments. MIKE FLOOD enables flood simulations on multiple scales from river basins to local cells and flood-prone areas along the river.

Use the built-in Levee Breach Generation tool to create time varying levees. Read more

Flood Mapping – Map one-dimensional results and/or two-dimensional results into a two-dimensional map by spatial interpolation.
Hazard Mapping – Post process two-dimensional results files (dfs2 and dfsu) and compute additional outputs such as hazard, times, etc.
Discharge Calculation – Calculate the discharge through cross sections (polyline shape features), from both one-dimensional and two-dimensional results files.

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With parallel 2D engines, MIKE FLOOD provides a unique framework for coupling 1D and 2D models using graphics processing units (GPU) for fast simulation execution.

      • Lateral links, enabling simulation of over bank flow from river channel to flood plain
      • Comprehensive hydraulic structures package
      • Implicit structure links
      • Manhole links whereby the interaction of the sewer/storm water system may interact with the overland flow
      • River/urban links securing direct linking between the collection system and the river network
      • GIS integration
      • Links possible along any alignment in MIKE 21 (not just horizontally or vertically)

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